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Research (Published online: 19-04-2018)
Seroprevalence and risk factors of caprine brucellosis in Khartoum state, Sudan
Eman Mohamed-Ahmed Mohamed, Abdelhamid Ahemd Mohamed Elfadil, Enaam Mohamed El-Sanousi, Hatim Hamad Ibrahaem, Saad El-Tiab Mohamed-Noor, Mohamed Abdelsalam Abdalla and Yassir Adam Shuaib
Veterinary World, 11(4): 511-518

Research (Published online: 18-04-2018)
Viability test of fish scale collagen (Oshpronemus gouramy) on baby hamster kidney fibroblasts-21 fibroblast cell culture
Chiquita Prahasanti, Denny Tri Wulandari and Noer Ulfa
Veterinary World, 11(4): 506-510

Research (Published online: 17-04-2018)
Genetic characterization of 11 microsatellite loci in Egyptian pigeons (Columba livia domestica) and their cross-species amplification in other Columbidae populations
Sherif Ramadan, Ahmed Dawod, Osama El-Garhy, Amira M. Nowier, Marwa Eltanany and Miho Inoue-Murayama
Veterinary World, 11(4): 497-505

Research (Published online: 16-04-2018)
Radiographic prediction of metallic foreign body penetration in the reticulum of cows and buffaloes
Shanib Mehraj Makhdoomi, Vandana Sangwan, and Ashwani Kumar
Veterinary World, 11(4): 488-496

Research (Published online: 16-04-2018)
Molecular characterization of canine parvovirus variants (CPV-2a, CPV-2b, and CPV-2c) based on the VP2 gene in affected domestic dogs in Ecuador
David De la Torre, Eulalia Mafla, Byron Puga, Linda Erazo, Claudete Astolfi-Ferreira and Antonio Piantino Ferreira
Veterinary World, 11(4): 480-487

Research (Published online: 13-04-2018)
Evaluation of multiplex polymerase chain reaction as an alternative to conventional antibiotic sensitivity test
K. Rathore, B. Joseph, D. K. Sharma, A. Gaurav, S. K. Sharma, M. Milind, P. Patel, C. Prakash and L. Singh
Veterinary World, 11(4): 474-479

Research (Published online: 12-04-2018)
Characterization of quinolone-resistant Enterobacteriaceae strains isolated from poultry in Western Algeria: First report of qnrS in an Enterobacter cloacae
Qada Benameur, Hassiba Tali-Maamar, Farida Assaous, Badia Guettou, Meki Boutaiba Benklaouz, Kheira Rahal and Meriem-Hind Ben-Mahdi
Veterinary World, 11(4): 469-473

Research (Published online: 11-04-2018)
Prevalence and magnitude of acidosis sequelae to rice-based feeding regimen followed in Tamil Nadu, India
Rathinam Murugeswari, Chinnamani Valli, Raman Karunakaran, Venkatasubramanian Leela and Amaresan Serma Saravana Pandian
Veterinary World, 11(4): 464-468

Research (Published online: 11-04-2018)
Effect of Azolla feeding on the growth, feed conversion ratio, blood biochemical attributes and immune competence traits of growing turkeys
Mayank Shukla, Amitav Bhattacharyya, Pankaj Kumar Shukla, Debashis Roy, Brijesh Yadav and Rajneesh Sirohi
Veterinary World, 11(4): 459-463

Research (Published online: 10-04-2018)
Standardization and application of real-time polymerase chain reaction for rapid detection of bluetongue virus
I. Karthika Lakshmi, Kalyani Putty, Satya Samparna Raut, Sunil R. Patil, P. P. Rao, B. Bhagyalakshmi, Y. Krishna Jyothi, B. Susmitha, Y. Vishnuvardhan Reddy, Sowmya Kasulanati, J. Shiva Jyothi and Y. N. Reddy
Veterinary World, 11(4): 452-458

Research (Published online: 10-04-2018)
Effects of lipid extraction on nutritive composition of winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus), rubber seed (Hevea brasiliensis), and tropical almond (Terminalia catappa)
Anuraga Jayanegara, Rakhmad P. Harahap, Richard F. Rozi and Nahrowi
Veterinary World, 11(4): 446-451
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